Sound Is The Storyteller


Our ears tell us how to feel; we design responsibly.


Interactive Sound & Fury looks to engage community through sharing sound designs and processes here in a digital workshop.  Content is shared freely and openly in this space where sound is broken, repaired, manufactured, invented, and designed.

A custom built modular synth is used to create textures and drones.

A synthesizer from the U.S.S.R., manufactured in 1982, creates rare and unique tones and textures.

We build the machines. The machines make the music. We design the sounds they trigger. This is technology created for three classical guitars. This technology composes music in real-time, creating an infinite and never repeating score.

Sending many rapid pulses each second into an oscillator gives the illusion of long gestures of sound.

A favorite sound is the inimitable Buchla oscillator.

A sharp, analog transient is designed and sculpted in real-time.

Metal, wood, and plastic sounds are recorded and processed through sample-based granular synthesis to create textural sounds and soundscapes.

Field recording Chromium reaching it's melting point at Interactive Sound & Fury.

Field recording spheres of water on a rainy Seattle afternoon.

Recording the sounds of the electromagnetic fields emanating from Interactive Sound & Fury's gear produced musical clicks and tones. Thrilled to be selected for this compilation from LOM.