Our ears tell us how to feel; we design responsibly.

Interactive Sound & Fury looks to engage community through sharing sound designs and processes here in a digital workshop.  Content is shared freely and openly in this space where sound is broken, repaired, manufactured, invented, and designed.

A custom built modular synth is used to create textures and drones.

Sending many rapid pulses each second into an oscillator gives the illusion of long gestures of sound.

A sharp, analog transient is designed and sculpted in real-time.

A favorite sound is the inimitable Buchla oscillators.

A synthesizer from the U.S.S.R., manufactured in 1982, creates rare and unique tones and textures.

Field recording Chromium reaching it's melting point at Interactive Sound & Fury.

Field recording spheres of water on a rainy Seattle afternoon.

Recording the sounds of the electromagnetic fields emanating from Interactive Sound & Fury's gear produced musical clicks and tones. Thrilled to be selected for this compilation from LOM.